Loyalty Partners

Loyalty Partners


Mention you are a Ferny member when buying from these businesses who either provide the club with 'kickbacks" based on club members useage or offer discounts for club members.


0.2% of value of new Home Loans & waive est. fee

$150 for Health Insurance policy, 1st month premium waived

Up to $250 for each new new Credit Card & waive est. Megan or the other great team at Brookside, ph. 3316 5150


$30 club 'kickback'

Mates rates memberships

Joining fee waived (Jan 16 only)

Matt Price, Jetts Ferny Grove, McGinn Rd , ph.3166 9044


Club 'kickbacks' for all purchases

Osborne Rd, Mitchelton

Discounts for Ferny players

Kooyong St, The Gap