Coaching Resources

Coaching Resources

This page provides useful information and guidance to assist coaches undertake their activities.

Accreditation Courses

Coaches should note that the club encourages all coaches to complete the Level 0 Introduction to Cricket Course offered on-line for free via the Qld Cricket website.

For those volunteers that want to develop their coaching skills further, the club is also willing to sponsor (via fee reimbursement) completion of the Level 1 Community Coach course. Participants are required to pre-book into courses and the fee must be paid at the time of enrolment. The course fee is currently FREE (Was $115) and requires attendance at the course venue (Albion or local club where offered by Qld Cricket). For more details, refer to the Qld Cricket website link provided above and discuss your intentions with the club President and/or Coaching Coordinator.

Role of the Coach

Coaches only get 1-2 hours a week to coach and develop the skills and confidence of up to 10-13 team members. It is a challenge. To help ensure the most effective training session, pre-plan the session with a number of different skill-based drills mixed with some fun activities to help maintain interest and enjoyment of the sessions. Also consider enlisting other parents to assist with specific activities (e.g. small group doing fielding exercise). Simply defaulting to a game each week does not contribute to player development.  Coaches should always be looking to maximise the active involvement of individuals e.g. hitting, catching or bowling a ball. There are various resources available to assist coaches pre-plan their sessions with many well-established drills which focus on core skills and others for a bit of fun.

The following links provide a range of guides to assist coaches develop players skills and are useful to incorporate into training sessions. The maximise the effectiveness of any training session, it is important that coaches plan the training session ahead of time and have a range of pre-planned drills lined up to promote skill development and ensure player interest is maintained.

Role of the Coach


In discussing the planning of a practice session, there are certain prerequisites to effective coaching that should be emphasized. A coach sets the standard for practice through such simple things as:

Being Punctual : arriving at the venue early and setting a good example

Dressing Appropriately : setting the standard for players to follow

Using Appropriate Language : positive, affirming language also sets the tone

Coaching Individuals and the Team : cricket brings its unique demands upon players as individuals (as bowlers, batters, wicket-keepers, fielders), but also has team components that need to be addressed.

Being Prepared : planning is the precursor to preparation – the venue needs to be prepared, equipment in place and activities ready to run.

Displaying Interest and Enthusiasm : being animated, enthusiastic and positive also helps to establish the tone for the session. The duration of a session is normally around 60 to 90 minutes. All of this time is invaluable and needs to be effectively planned for and managed. A coach needs to plan for the following to occur within a training session:

Informing players (and other coaches) prior to commencing practice of what is planned for the session

Enabling appropriate warm ups to occur (ideally involving cricket-specific and/or fun activities)

Addressing any fitness requirements for the team/individuals

Enabling appropriate skill (technique) practice and coaching to occur

Providing training activities/games requiring decision-making by players

Coaching individuals as required in aspects of the game

Ensuring maximum participation by all involved at practice

Making training enjoyable/fun

Developing effective communication between players

There will be no one way of achieving such ends as coaches need to experiment and
trial various ways of conducting practice sessions. The following resources may assist.

Running Effective training sessions

Check out the Orientation to Coaching booklet published by Cricket Australia in 2006. An updated version is available when you complete the Level 1 coaching course.

Presentation by QC on the fundamentals (2009).

Coaching development of U8-10 players.

Have-a-go sessions: useful for U8-10 age groups also.


Other helpful information and drills
  1. Bowler Goaler
  2. Continuous cricket
  3. Four bowler cricket
  4. Captaincy characteristics
  5. Fielding positions
  6. The pitch and bowling, popping and return creases
  7. Umpiring signals
  8. Strategies of winning cricket