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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1105575847154138713742682105*Peter P CollinsFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 North7 1Pine Rivers
29769053815413871373999297Blake K WrigleyFerny Districts2021B4 North8 1Mater Hill Black
391144891415413871374054891Max DannFerny Igniters2021Under 14 North 14 1Albany Creek Tomahawks
489105021715413871373996289Pacey BroadhurstFerny Districts2021B3 North9 1North Spartans
586105021715413871373995986*Pacey BroadhurstFerny Districts2021B3 North8 1Park Ridge Panthers
681216645815413871373997781*Tim HillFerny Districts2021B4 North3 1Mater Hill Black
77969239415413871373998679Lincoln P RosiakFerny Districts2021B4 North6 1Palmwoods Colts
87869053815413871373997778Blake K WrigleyFerny Districts2021B4 North3 1Mater Hill Black
97728086615413871374268777Scott M HankinsonFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 NorthGF 1Mater Hill
1077122347215413871374268277Patrick JoryFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 North7 1Pine Rivers
117469053815413871374267774Blake K WrigleyFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 North6 1Albany Creek Hawks
1272104423715413871373995372Ryan DelisserFerny Districts2021B3 North6 1Springwood Suns
137069773915413871374002270Lachlan J L'BarrowFerny Districts2021C1 North7 1Park Ridge Panthers
146994830915413871373995369Bailey RussoFerny Districts2021B3 North6 1Springwood Suns
1565103549315413871374002265Ben J SkinnerFerny Districts2021C1 North7 1Park Ridge Panthers
166464977615413871374266364*Marindra E WelgampolaFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 North2 1Narangba Weasels
176446106215413871374366564Alexander W ThompsonFerny Districts2021Sunday A3 North3 1Gold Crest Cobras
186346106215413871374367563*Alexander W ThompsonFerny Districts2021Sunday A3 North6 1Brisbane Legends
1962214254715413871374001062Connor OlsenFerny Districts2021C1 North3 1Mater Hill Blue
206070486015413871374267160*Scott GradyFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 North4 1Stumps XI
2158145819015413871374053858Tristan P JeffreyFerny Igniters2021Under 14 North 11 1Kenmore Kangaroos
2255156794715413871373998655*Matt J SheatherFerny Districts2021B4 North6 2Palmwoods Colts
2355156794715413871374267155*Matt J SheatherFerny Districts2021Sunday C4 North4 1Stumps XI
2452103549315413871374000752Ben J SkinnerFerny Districts2021C1 North2 1Park Ridge Panthers
2551205234915413871374047851*Jackson MulhallFerny Scorchers2021Under 13 North 23 2Bracken Ridge
2651205234915413871374047551Jackson MulhallFerny Scorchers2021Under 13 North 22 1Wilston-Norths Rebels
2750105021715413871373994150*Pacey BroadhurstFerny Districts2021B3 North2 1Red Dogs
285045122715413871374365750Maxwell C DaldyFerny Districts2021Sunday A3 North1 1Tuskers
2950214254715413871374002250Connor OlsenFerny Districts2021C1 North7 1Park Ridge Panthers
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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