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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1131899827153138713484517131Adarsh MenonFerny Districts2020/2021C1 North1 1Mater Hill
21231043098153138713486592123*Joey LanerFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Kerr1 1Wilston-Norths Gold
382131133015313871348659582*Isaac PaineFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Kerr2 1The Lakes White
482174725615313871349395282*Lara CooganFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Barsby Girls3 1Valley Emerald
578131133015313871348659278Isaac PaineFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Kerr1 1Wilston-Norths Gold
669156794715313871348452069*Matt J SheatherFerny Districts2020/2021C1 North2 2Macgregor Mongrels
764156794715313871348452064Matt J SheatherFerny Districts2020/2021C1 North2 1Macgregor Mongrels
863151003615313871349394463Brianna J PearceFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Barsby Girls1 1The Lakes Knights
961103217415313871348659261*James Magill-ConnellFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Kerr1 1Wilston-Norths Gold
1053126190415313871348782853*Blake NelsonFerny Red2020/2021Under 12 Faulkner2 1Valley Navy
1151195378915313871349087451*Tarkyn HowardFerny Gold2020/2021Under 11 Hartley2 1Ferny Red
1250144891415313871348659550*Max DannFerny Red2020/2021Under 13 Kerr2 1The Lakes White
1350145819015313871348620150*Tristan JeffreyFerny Districts2020/2021Under 14 Harris1 1Valley Maroon
145069053815313871348452050Blake K WrigleyFerny Districts2020/2021C1 North2 2Macgregor Mongrels
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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